torsdag 19 november 2015


lördag 14 november 2015


This week I started working on a new and updated version of Tamarrion's texture maps. I had to redo parts of them due to adjusting the model but we felt that we wanted to take the texturing to a new level and decided to redo them completely. What we want to achieve is higher quality textures that has a more hand painted look than I managed to achieve on the old ones. It is a challenge, trying to level up on my texturing skills, but we plan to paint more details and light into the diffuse maps to create the style we are going for.

Basically I want them to look more hand painted and have a higher level of detail and quality. It is still a work in progress but I have completed half and still have the armour to do.

tisdag 10 november 2015

Working on Tammy's rig

I have been tweaking Tamarrion's rig to get better results when animating the shoulder, as an extension of the work that I have done with the edge flow. I am still unsure about the best way to place the rig, but I am hoping that I am better on the mark this time around. On the left side I have moved the shoulder and arm bones to where the actual bones should be. The reason for them being where they were was a process of trying to find what looked the least bad when animating the shoulder, as we had lots of problems. As mentioned before these problems were the result of a combination of the edge flow and the rig.

I have also started working on the skinning, I had to redo it completely although hoping to be able to copy at least parts but hopefully I have learned something along the way and achieved a better result this time. Again I am not one hundred percent sure of my abilities and the result. I guess we will have to see how it goes with the animations.

I'll end with some pics of the result when trying to copy the old skin layer to the new model, I hoped that at least the legs could be partly intact since they had not been touched, but here is what happened.