måndag 14 november 2016

Morning Warmup Sketches 14/11-16

My warmup sketches from this morning, can't really say that there is any difference yet. But doing short 30s or 2 minute sketches do help a lot with loosening up the arm and mind.

onsdag 9 november 2016

Practice 9/11-16

New computer and new everything, some practice sketches from trying to get everything right.

måndag 7 november 2016

Warmup Practice 7/11-16

Trying to get into the routine with some more warmup sketches. Think I need to loosen up a bit more and focus on the movement when doing 30s, but that is what the exercise is for. 30s and 2min poses from photos.

tisdag 1 november 2016

Practise Sketches 01-11-16

Some life drawing sketches from today. Think it really feels that I was away last week and did not have any time to practise. It truly does make a difference when you do it daily. But last week I was in Paris for gameconnection to represent my team, so did not have any time at all to draw.