tisdag 24 september 2013

Our very first game

Last week we had a seminar during which we were asked to play a game called "Sissyfight 3000", basically it's a bullying game in which the players are to gang up against each other.
Earlier in the day we had a lecture about the MDA (Mechanichs, Dynamics, Aestethics) so when we had played for a while we were asked to change the dynamics and create our own version of the game. The only thing we had to keep was the "target->action" mechanics.

Our first version was a war game called "World war 3,5" and honestly, apart from names and settings the game was not that different from Sissyfight. I found it difficult trying to change the concept into something new. It is very easy to get stuck in a thought of how it should be, I believe it is easier to create something new rather than trying to change something into something else. It became clear when we presented our games to the rest of our class as many had continued on the bullying theme.

At the end of the seminar we got an assignment to start all over and make a completely new version, we spent two long afternoons discussing and play-testing and finally came up with a game we call "Snitch™", where four players are maffia and two players are snitches. The mafia want to find the snitches while the snitches want to kill all mafia and be the only one/ones left alive. We added a bunch of cards and I think we actually came up with a rather fun game that is based on Sissyfight but different from it.

I think our group worked really well together, we have a good team and I felt everyone contributed and participated while we are also having fun. I found during the entire game developing process I had this feeling that I want to participate and I want to make my mark on the game and I really liked that feeling.

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