torsdag 26 september 2013

The Assignment

This monday we had a lecture with Ernest Adams about Art and music, he also gave us un assignment in which we were to choose a genre. We could chose from survival horror, real-time-strategy and children's non-violent game. We also had to research an artist/photographer/filmmaker and a composer/musician and finally make a powerpoint presentation. The only criterias were that it had to be a minimum of ten slides and have pictures and music.

The fact that there were hardly any instructions made this assignment seem rather tricky at first. I did not really know what to do, but I started googling the genres and I found an artist quite quickly that I liked an thought would fit perfectly with the survival horror genre. So I found some pictures I liked that went with that theme and started googling for music.
That was the part I found the most difficult as it is something I have never done or ever thought about before. After some initial searching I started clicking my way through youtube while watching the pictures, trying to find what music made me feel most uncomfortable while watching them. Finally I chose to go with György Ligeti's "Volumina" as I felt that was the song that made the most impact in combination with Federico Bebber's dark pictures.

The assembly of the Power Point was rather straight forward and just kind of fell into place once I got started and I am pretty satisfied with the final result.

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