tisdag 17 december 2013

2D Week 2 Perspective

The second week of the 2D-course we studied perspective, once you know how to do it is rather straight forwards but it is tedious work and I did not find photoshop the best tool for this week's assignment which was to draw an airplane and a car in the same picture. Here is what I did along with the reflective assignment of the week.

After having drawn on paper during this week I have realised how messy it can be so I decided to do this assignment in Photoshop, although it was extremely time consuming I felt it would give a cleaner and more accurate result. I did not realize exactly how much time it would actually take compared to drawing it on paper but I believe it would just have turned into a mess of lines if I had tried to do it on paper. This unfortunately meant I did not have time to put in as much details as I wanted to and I feel the result shows perspective well and accurately but it is not an interesting picture.

I also found it a bit of a challenge when needing to build things vertically instead of horizontally, it felt strange as I looked at it and thought I have to do the exact same thing as I just did, just in the opposite direction. I did solve it but it was a bit difficult changing the way I think between vertical and horizontal.

Considering how much work it actually takes to create something very simple with correct perspective I wish it would show more. It does not look as if someone has put in a lot of time and effort when the picture is so simple, but I guess that compared to a fully rendered picture in which the artist has guessed on perspective the simple one would still look better.

The things I learned this week have been crucial to completing this assignment, I would not have been able to do it last Monday. Especially the use of crosses has been very useful, both for positioning and maintaining proportions. I would not have thought of thinking of for example an airplane as a volume before, I would have drawn outlines of how I think it should look. Now I have a new way to look at it, seeing also what is covered and I think it will be very helpful in my drawing.

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