torsdag 19 december 2013

Gotland Game Jam

Last weekend I participated in the Gotland Game Jam, the theme was valuable and precious. Team "Trattarna" was made up by Oskar Frykmark, Anthon Fredriksson, Nils Wennergren and myself, two coders and two artists. We created a game called Melvind, it is a tower defense type of game where you will have to walk around and gather resources to build towers and fight enemies yourself. You play as the dwarf Melvind who is trying to protect his precious ale from the ketchup trolls, if you run out of ale you loose.

I am very happy with what we managed to come up with in the short amount of time although a lot of the art I produced did not get into the game due to the time limit.
There were several achievements for the game jam, we managed to incorporate several of them into the game, for instance one said the entire game had to be built using only pixel art and there was one called PEGI18 which meant the game had to include violence, nudity/sex, drugs and discrimination.

Here is a link so you can try it:

Here is an ingame screenshot aswell.

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