tisdag 1 oktober 2013

The assignment: the Presentation

I was chosen from my group to go up in front of the rest of the class and show my PowerPoint-presentation. It made me really nervous and I felt my mind go blank and I did not know what to say. I had made my presentation so that it would speak for itself as I did not want to break the mood created by the music and pictures by spekaing.
It went rather well I feel, thinking about how I felt the panic when I realised I was gonna have to go up on stage, I did not feel as nervous when actually standing there. And I did manage to make everyone laugh (purpousely).
It felt like good practise though and I am glad I got the experience. One thing I probably could have done better was to prepare a short list whith the things I wanted to say and perhaps prepare the speaking part a bit better as I tend to blabber and forget everything I have thought of when I am put in the spotlight.

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