onsdag 9 oktober 2013

First Time

We have now started working on our major assignment and it's become really apparent to me that it is the first time that anyone of us is doing it. There are so many things to think of and it is hard to remember them all and harder still trying to do them in the right order. I think we have the information we need, we just need to learn how to use it and I feel that we are sorting things out as we go. We will probably do things very differently the next time around though. I really feel that I am learning how to do things, or rather how not to do them. This assignment really allows me to learn things that you cannot truly comprehend in the classroom.

It is also a challenge working in a group with five people who have very different ideas and ways to look at things but I feel that we have now established a good common ground where everyone feels on board with what we are doing. We just need to listen to each other and try to understand where the other person is coming from and I think we are on our way to accomplishing a good teamwork.

We have now been working on this assignment for two days and I finally feel that we have put together the groundwork which will allow me as the Lead Artist to take my team of artists and start on our part of the work. I have given them tasks such as trying to figure out a style that will appeal to our target group and sketching a layout for the interface, though I am not really sure if that is a task we need to do this early in the project. As I said it is the first time I am either designing a game or being Lead Artist and I am not 100% sure of what to do or when to do it but I make descisions and go with them.

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