tisdag 8 oktober 2013

Major Assignment

Our major assignment for the introduction to game analysis and game design course is to design a space shoot 'em up game that is supposed to be inspired by the words romantic and pencil. I did find those words rather difficult to incorporate into that genre, I first thougt the only thing you could do was something with pencils, either being one or shooting them, and writing love letters.

However I thought it would probably be really boring and way to obvious. It felt like just taking the words and not actually doing anything with them rather than being inspired by them. So I did what you always should do with your first idea no matter how good they seem and threw it in the bin. Then I tried to figure out something that was a less literal interpretation of the words, trying more to be inspired by them than directly translating them into a game.

I thought instead of doing a game about someone trying to get home to their love through a vast enemy territory, not knowing if their loved one was still there or still waiting for you, completely made in pencil art.

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