torsdag 16 januari 2014

Final Assignment Update

I have been working on the final assignments all week and they are finally starting to come together. The rendering of the city scene is what has been taking up most of the time, light can, as I have said before, be really difficult and when I thought I was nearly done I realized that I had misjudged a central part which affected the entire surrounding area.

I think I have solved it but it looked better before as long as you did not look long enough to realize that the area should be shadowed due to the angle of the rising sun. This has probably been one of the major obstacles of this assignment as I find it difficult to know exactly where a shadow will fall.

As there was a large area that ended up in shadow I decided to put light in the windows of one building to keep it from being just a dark area but I am not completely happy with the result.

Luckily I still have tomorrow to do some finishing touches, mostly making all edges more defined which is especially necessary as i decided to remove the line art, however i do worry a bit about overworking the drawing as I really want to get a good grade on this assignment. I do feel some pressure as I did not get a very good grade on my previous lighting assignment and it made me doubt myself a bit when it comes to light.

This is what it looks like right now, any thoughts on improvements are welcome.

The second assignment was to take a very rough sketch and make it solid, meaning constructing a character almost to the step of clean line art. I am happy with what I have created so far although there is still room for some improvements in certain areas.

Drawing this with the help of the construction techniques I have learnt during this course as well as the assignments testing them made it go really fast. I have hardly spent any time at all on it compared to the lighting assignment or the previous character drawing a made and it sort of makes me question if I have done enough although I do think it is the same quality as the last character drawing. That must mean I have learnt something, yay!

This is the sketch which we are supposed to refine followed by my rough underlying construction drawing, a fast sketch and the finished one.

I did struggle a bit with the hands, they are still not perfect but it did not have to be super clean line so I will probably hand this one in like this if I do not manage to throw some beautiful hands together tomorrow.

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