torsdag 9 januari 2014

Today, as well as yesterday, I have been at school working on one of the final assignments that are due next Friday. The one I am currently working on is taking a line drawing of an old, asian city and render it in grey scale. Things to consider are choosing where the light is to be coming from and what kind of lights I want to include. Since I did moonlight last time I thought I would try something different with this drawing. The city looked so still and quiet to me so I decided to set the city in the morning light of the rising sun.

Before starting to work on the drawing I googled for some reference images, this was my favourite one that I decided to reference in my rendering.

This along with the demonstration of one of our teaching assistants helped me get started, then it no longer felt as big of a challenge. I have found more than once that it is the getting started part that is more difficult for me, once I have some basic groundwork down, the rest almost just falls in to place.

Anyways, here is what I started out with yesterday and where I am at now.

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