fredag 7 februari 2014


This week I started with the animations for our game, currently named Project Terminal, the actual drawing of the walkcycle took me about 11 hours, I had estimated it to take about 10 hours so I got pretty close. I did spend some additional time on work related to it, like taking reference photos to see how a walkcycle looks from above. The reference pictures were really helpful and I used them at first as a guide as to where to put and move things and then I reworked and tweaked multiple times until I felt I was satisfied so that I could colour it. Now I will just have to wait until the programmers can implement it so that I can see if it needs to be fixed or if it works in-game. When I had finished the walkcycle I went on to the run, I have already created a base and reworked it several times but it is far from perfect at the moment. I think the runcycle will go faster since I have learnt a lot while doing the walk and that I can reuse the walkcycle as a guide, also I think I will not have to do as many frames for the runcycle.
Animating things is really fun but it is time consuming and difficult to get right, I would really like to learn how to do it properly. It is amazing to see something you have created come to life.

We have had a lot of meetings this week as I have mentioned earlier, yesterday we had another one with Adam Mayes which went really well. We got to describe our game and told him what we were going to do and why, he asked us just a few questions and then said we could leave since he had no remarks. Yesterday afternoon we had another meeting, this time with one of our teacher's assistants, we got to discuss how we were working as a group and how we feel about the courses we are taking right now. At the moment I feel the group work is running smoothly, there are no frictions and people are getting along and working together so I think we can be a successful team. Our main concerns during that meeting were instead the lack of information and confusion of the current two courses and the fact that we have so many meetings and lectures that we are constantly interrupted and do not get the time we need to sit down and work. Apparently several other teams had brought this up so there will hopefully be some changes from now on.

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