onsdag 26 februari 2014


Today we have studied light and colour theory, going through how light behaves and determines the colours. To study this we got to look at a lot of photographs of different environments, lighting and surfaces. This as well as getting to see an amazing artist create beautiful scenes and landscapes super fast was really interesting and I was inspired to try it for myself. After waiting all day we finally got to the practical part where we were asked to choose a triad (one colour and two colours adjacent to its complementary colour) of colours from colorschemedesigner.com and colour a very simple drawing of a face using the two similar colours as midtone and shadow and the third one for light. I chose to go with a dark purple for shadow, a cold blue for midtone and light yellow for light, I kept in mind what I learnt today about colour being more saturated in shadow and desaturated by light.

This is the image we got to work with.

We had about an hour for this assignment and this is how it turned out. A tip we got was to create a black and white filter so that you can see if the values look right since it is easy to get confused by colours and you can see the result of that underneath.

I am feeling really inspired to continue working with colours and I will try to put all that I have learnt so far into the background image for Terminal that I am working on at the moment.

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