onsdag 1 april 2015

Day 2

It is the second day in the office. We are almost out of cookies.

Today we finally got our extra monitors, TV and keyboards and stuff, we just need more sockets so that we can plug all of them in and organise the office so we do not trip over the flying cords that for a labyrinth around the table.

I have spent much of the day working on our project plan which I have also handed in, it consists of weekly plans - which is something we had already written down and added into our scrum - dates of internal deadlines, the biggest risks we face and how we plan to solve them if they should occur. I also added a short summary of how we plan on organising our meetings.

The rest of the day has been spent on listening to a few of the pitches of the rest of the class, answering questions and giving feedback to the artists and working on the Concept Art for the main character. I realise that I have to spend a lot of time, being both Producer and Lead Artist, going back and forth between the artists and coders, giving feedback as well as answering questions. I think that by doing proper preproduction work, making sure that the concepts are solid and that everything is written down as well as planning well will allow me to spend the necessary time on creating art assets.

To make the Concept Art of the main character a bit more cohesive I have rounded up the edges of her boots slightly so that it will match the curves of the chestpiece and belt, as well as the armour pieces on her boots which were clashing a bit with their pointy silhouette. I also decided to make them a bit broader and drew her face.

What still needs to be done is adjusting the belt a bit, it is slightly too wide at the moment as it looks thicker than her chestpiece. Then I also have to focus on how she will look from the side, and most importantly from the back. Her backside will need a lot of time and thought on the details as that is what the player will be spending the most time looking at.

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