fredag 3 april 2015

Week 1

The first week of production has now come to an end. Some of us met up for a voluntary day of casual work in the office, because of it being a holiday it was very relaxed and we had a few visitors come by to hang out and look at what we are doing.

Although it could still do with some additional cleaning I finished the turnaround of the main character today. Mostly I have just cleaned up the lines a bit to make it easier to see when it is time to model, I do not feel at this point that it is worth the time to clean it further, it would only be for promotional purposes that it might be necessary. When I was done with the turnaround I started testing out some colouring but I will need to continue with that during the weekend.

It does concern me a bit that we are not further along with the concepts, I would have wanted to start modeling this week, and we still have to do concepts for the weapons. I think that we will have to step up the pace a bit next week, this first one has been somewhat of a trial, learning to work together as a team. Another reason for falling a bit behind is probably because we have only had three full days of work this week and for me personally that I have had other tasks that comes with being producer, such as project plan and answering questions/giving feedback.
The concept art for the level is pretty much done though and the artist has started working on details which will be very important for the level. All that needs to be done there is to add the list of items needed into the backlog and perhaps look a bit at the colourscheme so we can coordinate it with the characters.

The boss character is also coming along although there are still some issues with it, I do believe that it will be finished during the weekend which means that we will have to do some real quick decisions on colours on Monday.

The programmers seem to be doing well on their schedule, unity seems to be making things easy for them and they have a functional camera, a character which you can control and an attackable character with a basic UI displaying stats. All UI elements and inventory are scheduled to be completed not until the end of the project as the gameplay is more important. After some discussion between designer and coders it was decided that they would create a very basic one at this point to aid the designer in his work. Things does not always go as intended though and when one of our coders was testing attacking, which he had been working on today, he found that something strange had happened. :)

This would be the most OP boss ever, attack him and he multiplies!

I hope that laying down the foundations of the project, having done a lot of planning and organisational work will give me a lot more time to produce art which I believe is necessary for us to finish. I do have a lot of faith in my team though, they are very talented, easy to work with and so far we seem to get along well.

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