fredag 17 april 2015

End of Week 3

Now the 3rd week of the project has come to an end, it has gone by really fast and it feels like it should be Wednesday and not Friday. So where are we in the planning? The coders are still doing really well and it looks like we will be able to make our ALPHA-deadline next Friday. On the art side all items needed for the environments have at least base meshes although some still need polishing on the high-polys. The characters are slowly coming along, again I would have liked to come further at this point, but I managed to complete the high-poly of the body yesterday morning. This meant that I managed to make the mid-week deadline for it that I hoped to make and that I could start creating a base mesh for her hair.

I also did a basic rig and quick skinning yesterday although it somehow got broken in Max and I had to redo it today. I also threw the skinned and rigged character into MotionBuilder to test it with some mocap-data I have with sword fighters. It looked real good and it does not seem as if her armour will cause much problems since they are so close fitting on her body.

When I had done that I started reworking the base mesh to create a low-poly so that I can give it to the coders to put in the game with some rough animations. I did not get too far with it though as I also had to spend some time discussing the boss's name with the designer and team, the lighting and colours in the scene as well as design of floor and walls with the environmental artists and giving feedback on the boss character's development.

I also have to form a synopsis for the report that I will be writing on the project in order to get my degree. I need to form a testable hypothesis, question or statement, state what methods I will use to test it and what literature I will reference. It is supposed to reflect what I have done on the project and my learning across the 2 years of school. I have no idea what to choose. Should I go with something producer-related or art? Perhaps something about working two separate roles? If I go with something about art, which part? I will not work on one single thing on the project, but will rather have to divide my attention on a great amount of vastly different tasks, including planning, character design and development, building a background story and world, designing UI and menus as well as logos and ordering t-shirts. It just seems so difficult to choose and I think no matter what part I choose it will not be something that I will spend all of the 8 weeks doing.

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