fredag 7 mars 2014

Ms X

Yesterday I started on the first real depiction of our main character, known only as Ms X, which is to go on the main menu. I started with a rough sketch which I have reworked into clean line art, aiming at the style of the Ms Marvel comic, with thin line art that is thicker on the edges. I chose the pose and facial expression since I wanted to capture the essence of the game in the main menu. She is supposed to look worried/scared and like she is trying to get away from something, while showing her feminine personality.

This is how my rough sketch looked and the (almost) final result, the skirt needs some detail, creases and perhaps a seam, and the eyes need some additional clean up, but otherwise the line art is pretty much complete.

For the line art I used a small, hard brush with shape dynamics and quick strokes, pressing ctrl+z until the lines where as I wanted them to be. Finally I used the eraser, again a hard brush, to touch up any lines that were not completely straight, too thick or too long.

The creases of the blouse were a bit tricky and I used Google to find some images of silk blouses for reference which were really helpful. The hair was also a bit of a challenge, I think it is hard drawing hair that looks good, so I should probably practice a lot more. I will get to do that when I start to render this drawing and when starting on the win and loose screens and the intro.

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